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I have decided to follow the inspiration of the dear Allison and refocus this blog. I do a lot of thinking about food and cooking. I also like to do a lot of internet research before making a new recipe. But who out there will listen to my wandering thoughts? The blogpublic, that's who. Also, I hope to use this as a memory aid for future recipes.

Et voila, on commence!

Tonight for dinner I made one of my favorite fast, and few dirty dish creating, meals: pasta with pesto and shrimp.

Ingredients: your favorite shaped pasta, frozen shrimp (I like the uncooked because they're cheaper and I feel like I'm actually cooking), frozen peas, pre-made pesto.

I usually take out a portion of frozen shrimp and put them in a bowl of water to defrost, then I putter of the internet for a while. 10-15 min is usually enough. Then I start boiling the pasta, but! Because I am lazy, I set the timer for a few minutes longer than recommended. When there are about 4 min left I throw in the peas and shrimp. Everything cooks together and I strain it all in the colander. Then a few hearty spoonfuls of pesto (the good refrigerated kind, not the bottled, I got that kind once and it had a bizarre straw-like texture, not cool), mixed usually on the plate. Et voila! A yummy one-plate dinner. If I have a lemon in the fridge, I will sometimes do a nice little squeeze of juice, but it's not necessary.

I considered using different veg. I have a nice mix of green beans, yellow beans and carrots from Trader Joe's that I thought of using, but I didn't want to chance it not working out. Tonight was all about comfort food not experimentation.
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