molasses (gaiadea) wrote,

Apartment thoughts

My current roommates are graduating in June from their masters programs and moving on to phd thingys out of town. So I've had to get a new roommate and a new apartment. I've got the roommate, he's the brother of a friend of mine and he just moved to the area a few months ago. and tonight we started looking for apartments on craigslist. It should be okay, right?

But I'm feeling anxious and like i'm about to cry. Why? So it hasn't been the most "up" day for Susan. Work is slow and boring right now. Not a lot of challenges. And I've felt tired and run down all day. And new things are scary (which is a continuing susan theme). And I'm going to miss the boys when they're gone. And I haven't felt like grocery shopping recently so I haven't been eating as much fresh fruit. It's going to be ok, right? Everything is going to be fine. I'm just feeling really overwhelmed right now.

So. This is what susan is going to do. She will comb her hair (it's wet from a shower), she will snuggle into bed and read her english mystery novel, she will go to bed and everything will seem more like molehills and less like mountains in the morning.

Ok. here goes.
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