molasses (gaiadea) wrote,

Omelet-y goodness

Well, this idea of posting more has really worked out, hasn't it? It's been over a month since my first and last post. woo for dedication!

This morning I woke up and decided to make an omelet. Actually, I think I went to bed thinking about making one, but the decision was fully formed when I woke up this morning. Also, I had all the appropriate fixin's: lunchmeat ham, part of a red bell pepper, an onion, and a smallish bit of cheddar.

So I chopped all that junk up real fine (except the cheese!), sauteed them in olive oil, and seasoned with salt and herbes de provence. [side note: I got a gift card to whole foods for christmas from my work and I used it to buy extravagant things I don't normally buy, like herbes de provence and fancy cheese] [other side note: herbes de provence always sound so exotic to me]

Then I added 2 beaten eggs, cooked that shit up. I feel I should add that even though I've been making omelets for years now, I'm still shit at flipping my omelets. I think it's because I put in too much filling, but they're so good!

Anyway, I totally destroyed the omelet flipping it, but whatevs, it still takes good. So I topped it with some shredded cheddar and a few drops of hot sauce.

Good eating!
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